1. First application was started in 1932, now reaching more than 225 codes of different symbologies, but few of them are, largely, used.

2. Egyptian Barcode & Auto-ID Development Association "EBAIDA" was established in 2003, as the first non-profit NGO in the Middle-East to disseminate Barcode applications & solutions, and to promote Barcode & ADC Technologies & Applicationsamong the Egyptian business community.

3. EBAIDA was the first entity obtain the Industrial Design Certification for Barcode in Egypt, since 2004.


1-Types of Auto ID: - Barcode Technology - Radio Frequency ID - Radio Frequency Communication (CF/CD) - Magnetic Stripes - Voice Recognition - Optical Character Recognition - Machine Vision - Smart Cards - Biometric ID - Fingerprin ... More
Activities 2003-2013
1-Participating at local, regional, international events, Scantex-Egy technology. 2-Organizing and holding conferences, workshop, exhibitions regional .. More
BarCode Assignment
EBAIDA Assignís numbering and barcodeing system to itís members .. More