Activities 2003-2017
1-Participating at local, regional, international events, Scantex-Egy technology.
2-Organizing and holding conferences, workshop, exhibitions regionally and internationally.
3-Organizing and holding training courses for Egyptian enterprises, business community.
4-Membership in Egyptian Union of Development Economic Associations.
5-Joining International forum to issue trace ability around the world (Egypt chapter).
6-Main sponsor for Egy technology conference 2012.
7-Executing training courses in Barcode technology for Egyptian enterprises and business community.
8-Executing Barcode solutions and Applications to Egyptian Trade and Industrial Enterprises.
9-Joining Egyptian conferences & Seminars in the filed of IT & Auto ID.
10-Participating in the yearly conference organised by Egyptian Statistical & Computer Science & its Application Organisation.
11- Participating in the Second and Third conference November 2015, 2017 on Misr history future under the sponsorship of President Abd ElFattah El-Sisi which held at MASSA Hotel Ebaida distributed colored illustrated brochures to all Ministers distinguished guests.